Precision Agriculture

Precision ag is a very broad category that includes a variety of technologies to make site-specific agriculture a possibility. Most precision ag technology solutions fit into one of seven system categories that accomplish specific tasks:



Guidance Systems

  • ¬†GPS
  • Autosteer

Control Systems

  • VRT Planting and Population
  • VRT Fertilizers, Lime, Pesticides
  • Robotics

Monitoring Systems

  • Yield and Quality Sensors
  • Drones
  • EC, Moisture and Nutrient Monitors
  • Soil Samplers / Testing

Spatial Relationship Systems

  • Satellite Imagery
  • Remote Sensing and Data Collection
  • GIS Databases

Interpretation Systems

  • Agronomic Response Curves
  • Correlation Development
  • Statistical Analysis

Decision Support Systems

  • Recommendations:
  • Crops/Population/Variety/Depth
  • Nutrient Rates/Timing/Forms
  • Crop Protection
  • Harvesting or Water Management

Communication Systems

  • Remote Access/Cloud Systems
  • Smartphones and Apps
  • Tablets and Apps
  • Asset Tracking


MacroGain Partners seeks opportunities to partner with innovative precision ag companies that offer truly transformation technology and can help integrate across these categories.