Agricultural Service

Ag has a wide variety of service categories that are of interest:

Testing & Analytical Services

Soil, water, and plant testing is a service sector that is undergoing significant change as both sampling methodology and testing procedures undergo significant change. More importantly, the ability to integrate this information into comprehensive agronomic decisions (see Precision Ag section) is critical to future growth in this sector.

Data Management Services

The explosion of data enabled by precision ag technologies is dramatically enhancing the demand for scalable data management interfaces capable of integrating multiple data sets in coherent production decisions.

Farm Management Services

Rapid consolidation of farmland by institutional investors has increased demand for sophisticated farm management services. The ability to provide deeper levels of support within these service companies (precision ag, input purchasing, crop marketing, etc.) will likely drive consolidation within this sector as traditional players are unable to keep up with growing customer demands.

Crop Insurance & Financial Services

The growth of analytical tools and enhanced industry reliance on crop insurance as opposed to traditional commodity support programs is dramatically changing the crop insurance industry. These changes will result in a generational transition of crop insurance agencies and a shift in who provides these services.

Energy and Commodity Risk Management Services

Concurrent to changes in the crop insurance industry is a more volatile market for both energy and ag commodities. Risk management tools and related services will enjoy significant growth in the coming years as larger producers seek greater sophistication in their risk management tools.

MacroGain Partners seeks to partner with innovative service providers with tools that are aligned with the Ag 3.0 vision.