Company Partnerships

MacroGain Partners specializes in partnering with a limited number of firms that are seeking to fine tune their strategy and/or find a financial partner. Our passion is assisting companies that are embracing some aspect of Agriculture 3.0 (see Ag 3.0 tab).  The company may be an early stage company seeking seed or venture capital, or a more mature business trying to facilitate a family transition, the buyout of shareholders, or access capital to execute a strategic partnership. In many cases, the company needs to conduct a strategic planning process to determine the business strategy and financial options the company may have to meet their needs.

Regardless of the path that company management feels best meets their needs, MacroGain Partners works with the company to build their strategy, assemble a financial model and investment thesis that supports their strategy, and identify the range of financial sponsors to contact that might meet their needs. (Please note that MacroGain Partners is not a registered investment advisor and does not offer investment banking services. We have relationships with several such firms which we can recommend if needed.)

Most importantly, MacroGain Partners’ involvement with our clients does not end when we build and execute an initial strategy. We are available for ongoing support at a board or consulting level to continuously fine tune the strategy as the company grows.