1. Crop Inputs

a. Fertilizer

After spending 50 years focusing on predominantly bulk chemical fertilizers as the driver of crop fertility, the last ten years have seen an explosion in the use of specialty fertilizers, biologicals, and micronutrients. The ability to fine tune plant responses means that we can gain even greater yields with even less pounds of inputs. MacroGain Partners can assess the technical fit of a technology and help companies develop business and capital strategies to meet their needs.

b. Crop Protection

Over the past few decades crop protection has undergone a huge transition. As the traditional chemical products have given way to softer chemicals, biological metabolites, and biocontrols, the complexity of interactions and the skills needed to effectively market products in this category has risen substantially. MacroGain Partners can assist companies find tune their strategy as well as decide the channel and business strategies that will be most beneficial in growing the foundation.

c. Seeds and Biotech

GMOs are now nearly 20 years old, and their great advantages (and occasional weaknesses) is only now coming to the fore. The degree of interaction between these modified crops and the environment is only now being understand, and a wave of alternative strategies like RNAi are being evaluated to try and get more¬†value of biotechnology with a smaller environmental footprint. MacroGain Partner’s focus is on innovative technologies that can leverage the promise of synthetic biology in agriculture while addressing the challenges presented by the earliest GMOs.

2. Precision Agriculture

While many of the tools of precision agriculture have been under development for twenty years, this sector has exploded in the past few years based on a) the broad adoption of auto steering technology and related geo-referencing capabilities; b) higher price of crop production inputs like fertilizer and seeds; and c) the development of variable rate application and planting equipment. MacroGain Partner’s focus is on innovative technologies which have the potential to become the standard in this evolving industry as well as integration focused technology which can harness the data and information flow into practical site specific differential actions.

3. Ag Services

From traditional ag input retailing to analytical and testing services to crop consulting, these categories encompass companies offering value added services to farmers. MacroGain Partner’s focus is on innovative technologies and leading companies which can play a critical role in bridging the gap between prospective capabilities and practical capabilities in the implementation of enhanced agricultural practices.

4. Animal Inputs

The explosion of corn ethanol has severely crimped livestock producers ability to cost effectively produce protein. A range of new technologies is being developed to help producers build more efficiency into their business models. At the same time, food safety has risen dramatically in visibility. MacroGain Partner’s focus is on high value feed additives, technologies to enhance food safety, and finding natural solutions to enhance productivity and address food safety challenges.