Crop Inputs

Crop production is made possible through the use of inputs such as chemicals, fertilizer, and seeds. This category has undergone considerable change in recent years as biologics has blurred traditional category lines and many formerly distinct inputs categories are morphing into an integrated “productivity platform”.

Such platforms enhance crop production by enhancing nutrient availability, controlling plant pests, or stimulating plant growth with seed or foliar applications. Aside from the use of new tools conferring multiple crop performance benefits, the emergence of precision agriculture tools is allows targeted applications of productivity enhancers in nearly real time.

For example, variable rate equipment for planting seed or applying inputs, when combined with cloud based metadata management systems, is making possible the prescription application of inputs on smaller and smaller management zones – whereas fertilizer might be applied at a single rate in a broadcast fashion across an entire field, now precision management systems may allow on the fly variation in rates across a field to maximum nutrient efficiency.

MacroGain Partners has significant strategic knowledge of input sectors and development experience to assure technologies reach their greatest potential in the shortest period of time.