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MacroGain Blog Objectives

MacroGain Blog Objectives

For many years I have been writing articles and giving speeches about agriculture and macroeconomics (and often about the intersection of the two). On quite a number of occasions I have been approached by people who complimented me on my ability to distill complex topics into simple messages and who asked for info on my blog (and finding I did not have one implored me to write one). To be blunt, I was fairly clueless and never quite got around to it, but in the category of “it’s never too late for old dogs to learn new tricks” I have decided to give it a try. Here goes!

Consistent with that old Dirty Harry line that “a man has got to know his limitations”, I will focus on four areas I am passionate about and the average person would conclude I know a little bit:

Agriculture. I have been writing for many years in trade journals about where global and US agriculture is headed, and in particular how the concept I call Agriculture 3.0 is unfolding (see the Ag 3.0 tab on this).

Investing in Agriculture. For most of the past decade I have been pretty involved in helping companies across the ag spectrum find capital partners and help financial players, particularly private equity and venture capital firms, both find and evaluate deals.

Ag Tech Development. As an agricultural scientists with a PhD in soil chemistry, I have long had a passion for soil chemistry and plant nutrition, crop protection, biologicals, and precision agriculture. I will try to be long on insight on technology evolution and business strategy and short on technical mumbo jumbo.

Global Macroeconomics. No, this isn’t one of those second grade exercises called “Which one is different?”. The reality is that global agriculture can be given both a heavenly tailwind and a very painful headwind by global macroeconomic developments which can effect supply, demand, and currencies & exchange rates. In fact, ever since we started converting corn into a little substitute for gasoline called ethanol agriculture is joined at the hip with global economic growth.

My goals are very simple:
1. Be Relevant
2. Be Clear and Actionable
3. Be Brief

Thanks for reading this far, and I hope you keep reading!

Jim Bud